Planning an Event?

Special Event Licences

The Special Events Bylaw 1329-14 allows Sturgeon County to regulate events that take place within Sturgeon County boundaries.

A Special Event Licence is required for any event held in a public place in which 500 or more people are in attendance, including staff and volunteers.

A licence is also required if an event is to take place on Sturgeon County owned land such as parks, trails, natural areas, roadways, etc.

Note: For events under 500 people in Cardiff Park, you don’t need a licence, but you may require other approvals.

Regulations for Use of Cardiff park.

Even if you do not require a Special Event Licence, you may require other permitting or approvals.

For example; tents over 645 ft2 require development permits

You’ll also require permits if you are planning fireworks, planning for access use or roadways, road allowances and/or ditches.

More Information

Please submit Special Event Licence applications to our FCSS Department at least 90 days prior to the event date to allow for processing of your application.

This will allow the County to assess the requirements, risk and notify other departments and agencies.