Your Dog Licence

Sturgeon County dog owners in all multi-lot subdivisions and hamlets are required to purchase a dog licence.

Dog Licences are available at a cost of $20.00 for neutered males and spayed females OR $30.00 for unaltered dogs. Your licence is valid for one year from the application date.

Sturgeon County will remind you via email 30 days prior to your licence(s) expiring, however it is your responsibility to keep your dog’s licence up to date. You will not receive a new tag; you will simply renew your licence. Please take this time to update us on any changes in contact information, as this is the method we will use in the event your dog goes missing.

Payment Options

Click here to purchase / renew your dog licence online with your credit card
Pay in person at Sturgeon County Centre
9613-100 Street
Morinville, Alberta
T8R 1L9

Why does your dog need a licence?

There are many reasons why you need a dog licence.
🐾 Less worry! If your pet goes missing, you have a higher chance of being reunited as people are more likely to approach a dog with a tag.
🐾 If the dog is licensed and is wearing his/her tag, he/she is identifiable.
🐾 It allows Animal Control to get in touch with you quickly

Reminder. You could incur an “unlicensed dog” fine of $250 if you refrain from obtaining a dog license or by failing to renew the license upon its expiration date.

Why do you have to pay a dog licensing fee?

The fee allows Animal Control to provide necessary services. Our Animal Care & Control Officer patrols on a regular basis for dogs running at large as well as stray or feral dogs, talks with residents who have questions, concerns or are in need of advice for their own pets, and investigates complaints such as barking dogs, attacks/bites, and animal health and wellness.

Responsible Pet Ownership

Many Sturgeon County residents have a furry family member, allowing them to keep active and provide companionship.
Sturgeon County encourages all pet owners to familiarize themselves with the Animal Control Bylaw and the Dog Control Bylaw.

  • Providing proper identification for your dog
  • Spaying and neutering companion pets
  • Keep your pet safe in the winter
  • Knowing how to report a lost animal
  • Ensuring your pet is on a leash in public spaces