Commemorative Program

Sturgeon County offers a commemorative program for honoring or preserving the memory of a person, or special occasion in the community, through a dedication located in a County public space. Administration accepts applications year-round for a dedication; however, dedications will only be installed in the summer depending on availability and scheduling.

This allows residents and organizations to:

  • Provide an opportunity for honoring or preserving the memory of a person, or special occasion in the community
  • Enhance and beautify parkland and public spaces, for residents and visitors to enjoy

Application Process

  • Submit an application to Family and Community Supports Services
  • Dedications may be identified with a plaque, which must meet the specifications of the County, and must be purchased and installed by the County.
    All wording used on the plaque is subject to approval by the County.
  • Application fees will cover the cost of the acquisition, installation, and ongoing maintenance of the dedication for the commemoration period of 10 years.
  • Once installed, dedications become the property and responsibility of the County for maintenance.


  • Dedications must be accessible to the public.
  • At the end of a commemoration period, the donor will have the option of a renewal period. The renewal shall proceed as follows:
    • At the end of the commemoration period, the donor may apply for a renewal period for another 10 years.
    • If the dedication is in good condition, the renewal will only apply to the placement of the plaque.