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Sturgeon County provides an ideal environment for entrepreneurs, small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and large corporations to locate and grow. Whether you’re operating a home-based business, or contemplating your company’s next global expansion, Sturgeon County Economic Innovation and Growth is here to help you “Start in Sturgeon”.
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We have a proud and over a 100 year history of farming and agriculture. Since 1992, Sturgeon County has presented 100-Year Farm Family awards to local farming families that have been actively producing in our County for a century or more.

Exceptional soil, flat terrain, and access to quality water cultivate model growing conditions in the County, while an abundance of productive land and agricultural infrastructure offer unique opportunities in this expanding industry.
Sturgeon County has seen extensive growth in our agricultural processing capacity within the alfalfa, oats and cereals, and grain handling market segments. Based on current infrastructure and planned investment, Sturgeon County has the potential to boost total primary grain handling capacity to nearly one million metric tonnes per year.

Major expansions of existing facilities and proposed developments by new investors ensure that the County’s agriculture and agribusiness industries are well positioned for future growth. As the County increases its share of value-added agricultural activities, industries such as processing, packaging, distribution and retail food sales will continue to flourish within our borders.


Local businesses are diversifying from crops andcommodities into innovative bio products, consumer ready food, treatment and transportation of raw commodities, specialty food processing, and agri-tourism.

The County has seen several expansions of local businesses wanting to grow in this exciting industry and market their products both locally and abroad. Modern infrastructure and access to advanced transportation and logistics solutions allow locally produced agricultural products to be sold to regional and global markets.

Along with primary agriculture, Sturgeon County is home to the University of Alberta’s research station, which features an 800-acre farm for agronomic and environmental research. Some lands are leased to large farm operators – often to test crops, or to be utilized as farming incubators to establish businesses and improve upon horticultural methods.


Manufacturing businesses in Sturgeon County are closely linked with other key sectors such as hydrocarbon processing and agriculture. Demand for specialty manufactured metal products such as valves, pressure vessels and other components required for major hydrocarbon processing projects has driven strong growth in the metal fabrication, modular construction and machinery manufacturing sub-sectors.

Sturgeon County also has many businesses involved in producing finished wood, agricultural and food processing products. Most of the manufacturers in the region are small to medium-sized businesses that have found strong demand for their products within traditional resource sectors.

As the local manufacturing industry matures, many opportunities have emerged in chemicals manufacturing, recycled rubber and engineered plastics. The County is also seeing interest in bio-based polymers, biodegradable plastics, carbon-neutral and high efficiency technologies.


Sturgeon County is expanding the number of value-added opportunities in our County. The County is home to many current and planned primary manufacturing facilities and our staff is developing opportunities to further enhance the value of these products and provide connections to local businesses involved in these industries.


From bulk carriers that transport a wide variety of liquid and dry products such as Natural Gas Liquids (NGLs), crude oil and chemicals to Canadian National (CN), Canada’s largest Class I freight railway, transportation and logistics providers know that Sturgeon County provides them with an unparalleled opportunity to base or expand their business. Growing local volumes of agricultural, petrochemical and finished goods constantly need access to domestic and global markets. This ensures growth opportunities for transportation and logistics providers that can help move products to, from and within Sturgeon County.

Villeneuve Airport, located in the southwest portion of the County and just a few minutes West of St. Albert, is home to 23 businesses involved in aircraft flight training, fixed-wing aircraft maintenance, helicopter maintenance and aviation operations. A significant amount of new, privately-funded development is currently taking place at Villeneuve Airport. There are six newly-leased lots under development and 14 newly subdivided greenfield lots available for lease.


Sturgeon County has multiple rail-ready sites available for development. Many locations in our I4 Medium Industrial Serviced District and I5 Heavy Industrial District include rail spurs, rail right-of-way (ROW) or Public Utility Lots (PULs) that enable direct connection to this critical transportation and logistics infrastructure. For more information on our rail-based assets, please view our Rail Fact Sheet.

Hydrogen in Sturgeon

Our eyes are on developing diverse industries here, where we have the advantage of rich soil, natural resources, and progressive economic ideas.
The jobs of the future live here, in a strong economy with opportunities for everyone and balance with our rural way of life. We are natural collaborators. We know our success is linked with our partnerships and we work hard at building and nurturing those connections with big cities, small towns and First Nations.

Ambition is the difference between leading and being led. Deep down, it’s in us all: the desire to reach our full potential, to make things better.

Sturgeon County has played a leadership role in the creation of Canada’s first hydrogen HUB – the Edmonton Region Hydrogen HUB. Within the hub there is an opportunity to showcase a lighthouse role for Sturgeon County to demonstrate how other communities in Canada can take part in the Energy Evolution.

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Petrochemical plants convert natural resources such as crude oil, natural gas, ore and minerals into products for a wide range of applications. They produce many important building blocks for industry processes, including ethylene, propylene, butadiene, and aromatics.
Abundant, cost-advantaged petrochemical feedstocks can be sourced from prolific liquids-rich gas formations such as the Montney or Duvernay, or from Alberta’s vast oilsands deposits. These feedstocks are then transported to the Edmonton region via pipeline where they are further developed into value-added products.


Many large-scale value-added energy operations call our County home. The NWR Sturgeon Refinery is in Phase 1 of an 80,000 barrel/day refinery which will produce Ultra-Low-Sulphur-Diesel (ULSD) and diluents using innovative Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) and Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) technologies.