Business Opportunities

Business Opportunities / Public Tenders

Sturgeon County currently operates in a hybrid procurement model, where procurement exceeding trade agreement thresholds are managed by our Procurement department and costs under trade agreement thresholds are managed by Departments.
Through collaboration with departments, we intend to centralize all procurement services in 2022-2023, encompassing both over and under threshold procurements, to provide consistency, standardization and increased visibility to opportunities.


Sturgeon County’s Procurement Services follows the ethical codes of the Supply Chain Canada and are dedicated to fair, transparent, and open processes.

Supplier Requirements 

We take our supplier relationships seriously and work to grow our relationships in full transparency.  We try to work with all vendors but there are circumstances that may prevent us from working with some businesses:

  • A conflict of interest
  • In litigation with the County
  • Missing required certifications, insurance, or bonding
  • Poor vendor performance and scorecard

Click here to see all of the public tenders, bids and request for proposals.

Need Help?

Bid Submission / Technical Support 

If you are having technical issues on the E-Submission portal, please email support.

Procurement Services Contact Information 

If you have questions for procurement or wish to learn more about projects, please send us an email.