Embracing Locally Made Goods at County Bounty

Published on May 25, 2023

There is growing desire among consumers to connect with unique stories and craftsmanship behind the products they purchase. This resurgence of interest in locally made goods has given rise to the popularity of vendor markets, where artisans and small businesses come together to showcase their talents and offerings. This is exactly the type of atmosphere we are trying to create at County Bounty.

Top reasons to showcase your locally made products in the County Bounty vendor village on July 13 & 14: 

It’ doesn’t cost anything to be a part of the vendor village. Your booth space is free, you just need to register with us. If you’re interested in a booth, please reach out to Andrea (email: ecdev@sturgeoncounty.ca or phone: 780-939-8367) for more information! The booth booking deadline is June 8, 2023.


Gain Exposure to a Targeted Audience
Vendor markets attract a wide range of visitors, including locals and tourists specifically seeking unique and locally made products. By securing a booth, you position your business right in the heart of this captive audience. This exposure enables you to showcase your offerings to individuals who are already inclined to support local businesses, increasing your chances of making meaningful connections and sales.


Market Research and Customer Feedback
Vendor markets provide an excellent opportunity to gain insights into customer preferences and gather real-time feedback on your products. Engaging in conversations with visitors can offer valuable information on what resonates with your target audience, helping you refine your offerings and identify potential areas for growth. The direct feedback received at vendor markets can be a powerful tool in shaping your business strategy and enhancing customer satisfaction.


Build Brand Awareness and Loyalty
Participating in a vendor market allows you to create a memorable brand experience. Setting up an attractive booth that reflects your business’s identity and values helps to establish a lasting impression on potential customers. By interacting face-to-face, you can share the story behind your products, answer questions, and develop personal connections. These interactions foster brand loyalty and encourage customers to become advocates for your business within the community.


Networking and Collaboration Opportunities
Vendor markets are vibrant spaces where local vendors come together, creating a supportive and collaborative environment. Participating in these events allows you to connect with fellow entrepreneurs, artisans, and suppliers. Building relationships within your local business community opens doors for potential collaborations, partnerships, and knowledge-sharing opportunities. By joining forces with like-minded individuals, you can amplify your reach and tap into new markets.


Revenue Generation
A well-executed booth at a vendor market can result in significant sales and revenue for your business. The concentrated foot traffic, coupled with the appealing ambiance of these events, creates a favorable environment for impulse purchases and the discovery of new products. Additionally, vendor markets often attract individuals seeking unique gifts or souvenirs, providing an opportunity for your business to cater to these specific customer needs.

Book a FREE Booth

It’s time to seize the potential of County Bounty and witness the positive impact it can have on your entrepreneurial journey. Book a vendor booth today! Reach out to Andrea (email: ecdev@sturgeoncounty.ca or phone: 780-939-8367) for more information.

NOTE: The deadline to book a booth is June 8, 2023.

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