Reception Centres

There are NO reception centres set up in Sturgeon County at this time.

Reception centres are set up as the initial check-in for evacuees. You must register at the reception centre so officials know where you plan to stay and how to reach you.

Where possible and appropriate, we will also provide an opportunity for you to check in remotely if you can’t attend a reception centre in person.

What you’ll find at the reception centre

  • Information about the emergency.
  • Referrals food, clothing, and shelter suppliers.
  • Help with finding and reuniting with family.

What to expect when you arrive

  • Intake can take time, and you may need to wait in line. Be patient.
  • Reception centre personnel will assess your needs.
  • You will complete referral forms for essential items.
  • You may experience a range of emotions. Be kind to yourself and others.

What not to bring

If a reception centre is set up, authorities will tell you what you can and can’t bring. Below is a list of items generally not accepted:

  • large quantities of fuel such as gasoline, diesel, and propane
  • firearms and ammunition
  • alcohol or cannabis products
  • street drugs
  • pets (may be redirected to alternate locations)
  • weapons such as knives, clubs and chains

Pets at reception centres

Pets may not be allowed in all reception centres. Take steps to identify pet-friendly hotels or pet boarding facilities in and out of your local area. Be prepared to leave your pets with a relative or friend and have your pet’s emergency kit ready to ensure their needs can be met.