Sturgeon County Council Recap | July 12, 2022

Published on Jul 17, 2022

Sturgeon County Council Recap | July 12, 2022 

Here are the highlights from the July 12, 2022, Sturgeon County Council Meeting. 

Deputy Mayor Kristin Toms read into the record a proclamation of July 17-23, 2022, as Drowning Prevention Week in Sturgeon County. Drownings can occur at any time and in any depth of water and reminded residents to be water smart all year round. 

Dale MacMillan Scholarships 

Council awarded the 2022 Dale MacMillan Scholarship for Community Leadership to Kelsey Krywko and Bryn Soetaert.  The annual scholarship is awarded to individuals enrolled in a recognized post-secondary institution, and demonstrate community leadership and involvement within Sturgeon County. 

Request for Funding for the Rivière Qui Barre Community Centre Renovation 

Council received a presentation from the Rivière Qui Barre Agricultural Society Presentation requesting $325,000 to support Phase 2 of renovations to the Rivière Qui Barre Community Centre. After hearing the presentation, Council directed the request to be included as part of the 2023 Budget deliberations. Phase 2 projects include refurbishment of washrooms, change rooms, the coatroom, storage, janitorial, and office areas at a total cost of $442,600. 

Appeal of Firefighting Costs  

Council heard an appeal from the property owners of 55227 Range Road 225 in relation to a bill of $206,087.45, they received for specialized fire fighting for a drilling rig fire that occurred in December 2021. Council upheld the decision that the property landowners be invoiced for the specialized firefighting; however, Council extended the payment deadline to July 2023. A written decision will be provided at the time the minutes from the July 12 meeting are published. 

Council hears recommendations to amend Agricultural Service Board 

Council heard recommendations from the Agricultural Service Board (ASB), to change the ASB bylaw including expanding public membership from four to six members and extending the Junior member term from one year to two years. These proposed changes would help maximize representation of the diverse agricultural sector in Sturgeon County and enable the junior member to learn Board functions and contribute to Board activities within their appointment term. Council will consider these changes at a future Council meeting. 

County to send letter in response to Fertilizer Emission Reduction Targets 

After considering a recommendation from the Agricultural Service Board, Council authorized a letter be sent from the Mayor to the federal Minister of Environment and Climate Change requesting consideration be given to establishment of an emissions reduction target that is relative to units of crop production rather than an absolute emission reduction target. Council further supported the Board’s recommendation that there be further collaboration and engagement with all areas of the agricultural sector to ensure any established emission targets are attainable and do not detrimentally impact the ability of the Canadian agricultural sector to meet the growing global requirements for food. 


Council approves Bylaw 1571/22 – Meadowview Golf and Country Club 

After considering amendments put forward by Administration and the applicant, Council gave second and third reading of Bylaw 1571/22, which will permit future developments that would complement the Meadowview Golf & Country Club. The initial concept plan presented previously has been revised and no longer includes camping or a go-kart track. An updated Traffic Impact Assessment (TIA) notes that roadway improvements will not be required. Under a Direct Control District, the landowner would require Council approval to include any future uses on the property.   

Council approves bylaw 1581/22 – Stratotech Raceway 

Council has given second and third reading of Bylaw 1581/22, which approves the rezoning for Stratotech Raceway to Direct Control District 21.  The bylaw is the first step to bring the development into compliance with the Land Use Bylaw. Per a Council request, noise monitoring was completed by a qualified professional at the Highway 825/Range Road 225 intersection between May 28 – June 13, 2022, and onsite on May 28, June 2, and June 13, 2022 for both motorcycle lapping and car drifting events. The noise report found that racing activities were not the dominant source of noise and there is no direct correlation between measured noise levels at the track and the noise monitoring locations. 

Recreational Vehicle Storage bylaw receives first reading 

Council did not give first reading to Bylaw 1598/22, which proposed to redistrict Lot A Plan 7821276 from AG – Agriculture to RVS – Recreational Vehicle Storage. This proposal considered storage of up to 1,200 recreational vehicles  and would have encompassed the full extent of the agricultural land.  

Public hearings held for Villeneuve Airport Area – Area Structure Plan 

Public hearings were held for three separate bylaws related to the proposed new Villeneuve Airport Area – Area Structure Plan: 

There were no comments received during the public hearings. Council will consider further readings of the three bylaws at a future Council Meeting. 


Next Council Meeting 

The next Sturgeon County Council meeting will be held at 9:00 a.m. on August 23, 2022. 

Future agendas and past meeting minutes can be found online

Future agendas and past meeting minutes

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