Sturgeon County Mobile App

Access Sturgeon County information and updates anywhere, anytime, with our mobile app

The Sturgeon County app provides easy access to County information and allows you to set up notifications according to your preferences.

Available for both iPhone and Android users, the app connects you with County information and services, including:

Sturgeon County worked with SMBApps, an Alberta-based developer, on this project due to its experience working with other municipalities across the province.


Turn on Notifications
To get the most out app, be sure to allow notifications when installing for best results and to receive alerts and notifications:

  • Step 1: Allow Push Notifications on your device when prompted. This notice will appear the first time you open the app after install.
  • Step 2: Click “Notify Me” when prompted by the app’s second dialogue box to approve.
  • Step 3: Once on the home screen of the app, click on inbox, then the settings icon to toggle alert types ON or OFF.

Manage your Notification Settings:
Take control of your notifications!
If you want all notifications, or only specific alerts, simply click on the “inbox” icon, then the “settings” icon, then toggle the individual alerts to ON or OFF.

Mobile App FAQs

  • Can I register for programs and access other online services using the Sturgeon County app?

    Yes! The Sturgeon County app links to web-based existing systems, including Sturgeon Services. To access these services, simply log-in using your existing account information. If you don’t have an account already, simply follow the instructions to set one up.

  • Does the County collect my personal information when I install the Sturgeon County app?

    No – the County does not collect or share personal or device information from within the app.

  • I have the app installed on my phone, but I’m not receiving any alerts or notifications. Why is this?

    When installing the app, you have the option to turn on Push Notifications. If you said “No Thanks” when the app was installed, this is likely the reason why you aren’t receiving the alerts. To change the settings, click on the “Inbox” icon, then the “Settings” icon to toggle alert types ON or OFF.