NWR Sturgeon Refinery shutdown – impact to residents

Published on Aug 09, 2022

The NWR Sturgeon Refinery is scheduled for maintenance shutdown (turnaround) from August 08 to September 23, 2022.
Sturgeon County is working with NWR to reduce impacts to residents and commuters during the maintenance operations.

What to expect:

Area residents and commuters can expect an increase of traffic to the area due to the increased volume of workers who will be entering and exiting the NWR site daily for the shutdown period.

NWR has implemented measures to reduce the impact by having workers use three designated parking areas to provide a more even distribution of traffic as opposed to the concentration on any one road.

Dust control and maintenance:

Sturgeon County is working with NWR to coordinate road maintenance, dust control maintenance, enforcement presence and general complaint resolution as required.

Contact Information:

Road conditions, dust control, and traffic concerns: 

NWR maintenance operations updates:

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