2023 – Carbondale Road realignment & drainage / re-oiling


Project Highlights

The Project 

Carbondale realignment project: The current alignment of Carbondale Road is outside of the proper right-of-way. The correct alignment is about 20 metres northeast of its current location. Moving the road to the correct right-of-way will also allow for drainage control and future erosion. Weather permitting, the project should take about two months to complete.

Carbondale drainage and re-oiling project: This work will involve installing guardrails, culvert replacements, ditching and brushing.

The Scope of Work

  • The reconstruction of about 750 metres of roadway.
  • The removal and replacement of centreline culverts.
  • Roadside ditching and addressing erosion control issues.
  • Regrading of the area where the current alignment exists.

What This Means to You

Construction will involve slow moving equipment and noise during daytime working hours.

As much as possible, there will be continuous access for traffic managed by construction crews. There is the potential for a brief road closure.

Re-oiling will take place in phases with advance resident notification.


Map showing the areas of two projects along Carbondale Road

Project Updates

  • August 11, 2023

    Due to weather conditions, the start of the Carbondale Road realignment project is delayed until September. (Red project area on the map above.)

    The drainage improvements are done, and the road rehabilitation work is about 90 per cent complete. (Yellow project area on the map above.)

  • July 18, 2023

    Drainage and re-oiling project (yellow area in the map above)

    • Roadside brushing is done.
    • Guardrail installation is done.
    • Culvert replacements and ditching are done.
    • Phase 1 oiling from the east hill to Nielsen Cr is done.
    • Phase 2 oiling (Nielsen Cr and Rge. Rd. 244) is underway.

    Carbondale realignment project (red area in map above)

    Work is scheduled to begin in August.

  • May 10, 2023

    Project page created.

  • November 22, 2022

    The realignment and drainage improvements for this project are now scheduled for 2023.

August 25 – oiling on Nielson Crescent

August 25 – oiling on Nielson Crescent

August 11 – drainage and re-oiling project

August 11 – drainage and re-oiling project

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