Alcomdale Water Receiving Station


Project Highlights

Sturgeon County is committed to providing safe and reliable drinking water, and we are going to improve the water services to the Hamlet of Alcomdale and the surrounding area.

The Alcomdale Water Receiving Station is being relocated from the parking lot at the Community Hall to a new location at Highway 44 and Township Road 570. This new location is just outside of the Hamlet.

The new location for the water station will improve delivery to residents. The site allows for the installation of a fire hydrant to improve fire protection in the community, and it provides the opportunity to expand the site to include a bulk water fill station in the future.

The County has chosen to add a bulk water fill station for a few reasons. The main reason is to improve access for rural residents trucking water. The second is the benefit of designing a site that will accommodate a fire hydrant. Lastly, the sale of bulk water will provide additional revenues to help support the replacement of the building in the future.

Currently, this project is in the planning stages, including permitting and land acquisition. Updates to the project will be posted here.


Please read the Frequently Asked Questions about the Alcomdale Water Receiving Station


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