Bellerose Park Improvements

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Project Highlights

As part of Sturgeon County’s commitment to building thriving communities, several improvement projects are planned for Bellerose Park.

Current projects planned for Bellerose Park:

There will also be on-going naturalization of the space to help preserve and celebrate the natural plant and animal species found in our region.

Dog Park

A new off-leash dog park is being built as part of Sturgeon County’s Sturgeon Valley Parks Master plan.


Status of the project – Completed in Summer 2023

Bellerose Dog Park Fence


Nature Inspired Playground


Bellerose Park is defined as a County Wide Park and provides recreational amenities to the entire County. The Park Master Plan identifies a location for a playground. The park vision includes a wide variety of passive and active uses with a strong emphasis on environmental conservation. Through community engagement in the park concept plan, there is a desire in maintaining the park’s “natural look.” The site is suitable for a nature inspired playground that is accessible, promotes active play and uses elements from nature and natural products. The new playground design will include all or portions of the playground to be ‘barrier free’ and nature inspired offering unique play features, and garden/landscape experiences for children.

A nature inspired playground is a play environment that consists of elements and textures from the earth such as trees, tree stumps, logs, boulders, and plants instead of traditional steel playgrounds. These natural play areas are all inclusive and accessible and it provides opportunities for children to play, explore, and be challenged by natural elements.

Status of project – Starting this fall or early next spring

Bellrose Nature Playground Bellrose Nature Playground

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