Twp Rd 552 west of Range Road 260 – bridge maintenance


Project Highlights

Bridge maintenance west of Range Road 260 on Township Road 552.

What to expect

  • The road will need to be closed for the duration of the project with a traffic detour in place.
  • Project duration is anticipated to be 2-3 weeks.


Project Updates

  • November 22, 2022

    The bridge maintenance work is planned for completion by early 2023.


  • The County manages about 144 bridge structures currently, of the 91 are bridge sized culverts, 39 are standard bridges ad 14 are classified as major bridges. The average age of County’s bridges and bridge sized culverts is around 50 years old, the majority of bridge files in Sturgeon County (60%) were constructed or installed prior to the year 1972.
  • To ensure the safety of the travelling public and to extend the life of the County’s bridge structures, it is essential to be proactive in ensuring the required maintenance of the bridge inventory is achieved through a bridge maintenance program. With this program, the maintenance required of the bridge inventory can become more manageable, the average remaining life of the County Structures can be extended, and the cost of the maintenance work can be spread out.
  • Bridge structures are inspected by certified inspectors on various inspection cycles, from every 6 months depending on the condition and a normal inspection cycle for a standard bridge and culvert on rural roads is 57 months. All major structure on rural roads are normally inspected every 39 months.
  • During these inspections, and through various reports and observations, an annual Bridge Maintenance Contract is developed to repair the identified bridge maintenance items.
  • This is classified as a standard bridge, on treated timber substructure constructed in 1966. Repairs to this bridge have been identified and will be scheduled for repairs in 2022.
  • Recommended repairs include the following:
    • Bridge pile repairs
    • Bridge girder repairs
    • Erosion repairs, rock riprap
    • Miscellaneous other repairs
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