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Project Highlights

2022 Park Refresh Projects

Sturgeon County is continually working to improve our open spaces, parks, trails and facilities.

  • Crestview Heights
    Removing and replacing playground structure. Also installing in-ground waste receptacle, park benches, and picnic tables.
  • Cardiff Park
    The existing wooden playground equipment has reached the end of its lifecycle and will be removed. It will be replaced with new equipment and two new benches.
  • Bristol Oaks
    Removing and replacing playground structure
  • Manor Estates II
    Remove existing asphalt, along with picnic tables and park benches.
    Installing new asphalt, or alternatively, installing a playground structure, in-ground waste receptacle, park benches and picnic tables.
  • Bellerose Park
    Proposed development of a non-motorized boat hand launch site for access to the Sturgeon River.
  • Cameron Park
    Proposed development of a non-motorized boat hand launch site for access to the Sturgeon River.
  • Upper Manor Estates
    Addition of new amenities based on survey results.

These sites were selected through recommendations from residents. The goals of refresh projects are to modernize the areas and improve the safety, bio-diversity, and accessibility.

Once designs are finalized, construction is likely to begin in late summer or early fall. During construction, residents should expect minimal disruption. Due to a short construction season, work may be performed during evenings and over weekends, but we will make sure to maintain public access.

Approval and financing for the redevelopment were provided in the 2021 and 2022 budgets.


What we heard

Sturgeon County sought your feedback on specific aspects of the upcoming refresh projects identified above through a survey that closed June 30.

Residents were asked to consider the following: 

  • how the areas are currently being used
  • what would improve the use and enjoyment of each area
  • the long-term use of each recreation area

Read the report detailing the feedback received and the recommendations being put forward here. 

For more information, please contact Karolina Drabik, Open Space Lead, at 780.939.8340 or kdrabik@sturgeoncounty.

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