Aspen Ridge Subdivision – pavement preservation


Project Highlights

An extensive microsurfacing program is planned for several paved roadways in 2022, including: Township Road 570 from Range Road 215 to 224, Lily Lake Road from Township Road 580 to 583, Opal Road from Township Road 574 to 580, Range Road 275 north of Township Road 544 to the CN tracks, Range Rd 223 north of Boysdale Road, the Noroncal Subdivision, the Aspen Ridge Subdivision, and the Rosal Acres Subdivision.


What to Expect

  • Sturgeon County will maintain one lane of traffic throughout the duration of the project. If a road closure is required, residents will be notified in advance. If there are concerns, residents will have a contact number to reach out prior to the work taking place.
  • Micro-surfacing projects will be completed one week after work begins.
  • Mill and overlay projects will be completed three weeks after work begins.

Project Updates

  • July 25, 2022

    This project is done.

  • June 13, 2022

    Pavement Preservation starts June 13, completion in 2022.


  • Micro-surfacing
    Micro-surfacing is the application of a special coating to the top layer of asphalt that prevents oxidization and moisture penetration. The components are mixed on site and spread onto the road surface.
  • Mill and Overlay
    Mill and Overlay is a multi-stage process that involves removing a specified thickness of asphalt using a million machine, and then paving over top of the milled surface.
  • This project includes:
    • Lily Lake Road from Twp Rd 580 -583 — Micro-Surfacing
    • Aspen Ridge Subdivision — Micro-Surfacing
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