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Project Highlights

Wednesday, April 19, 2923.

Over the past few months, Sturgeon County requested and received resident opinions on the reconstruction and paving of Range Road 220 (from Township Road 570, north 4.8 kms to the south boundary of Redwater).
This project also included drainage improvements within the Waterdale subdivision.

On November 24, 2022, residents and property owners along Range Road 220 met with Sturgeon County representatives to discuss the proposed upgrades to the Range Road. Then, from February 9 to February 26, 2023, an online survey invited residents to view an updated reconstruction plan and offer comments.

During that time, we heard:

• A request that more information be provided on how the road construction and the storm water management system would work together;
• Concerns that speed would become a safety issue once the road was paved;
• Worries about the potential loss of a shelter belt; and
• A request that more information be provided on the project scope and the final width of a paved road.

As a result of the consultations with residents and property owners along Range Road 220, County Administration will be recommending a revised road reconstruction approach for Council review and direction. The revisions would include paving to extend 200 metres past the north entrance into Juniper Hills, and to pave the internal roads within the Juniper Hills subdivision. The original scope related to drainage improvements within Waterdale subdivision remains unchanged.


Map of road reconstruction

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