Sturgeon Valley Trail Gap Analysis


Project Highlights

Through the process of creating the Sturgeon Valley Area Structure plan, we identified a need to review the Valley’s trail system. We set out to identify where we could improve trail connection, especially to key destinations.

The County worked with trail users to prioritize the goals for the trail system and desired connections.

Trail users told us that they wanted to see:

  • All-season access to trails
  • Physically separated from traffic
  • Recreation focused trails that are meandering, scenic
  • Safe and convenient for kids and older adults

Read the What We Heard Summary


Final Report

The County has created a final plan for the trail network using public input and best practices.  This plan will act as a blueprint for future trail enhancements that will allow residents to walk, bike and move around the Sturgeon Valley area more easily.

Read the Sturgeon Valley Trails System, The Path Forward.


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