2023 – Traffic Calming Pilot


Project Highlights

In response to resident concerns, Sturgeon County had a review done in order to make recommendations to Council on speed control and traffic calming measures. This initiative was part of the 2022 budget.

The findings

The independent review indicated that there areas where the average traffic speed was well above the posted speed limit. Several locations in the Valley and near Cardiff were selected to be part of the pilot program.

Improvements were recommended in the following areas:

A speed indicator sign for westbound traffic will be installed near the intersection of Villa Drive and Bellerose Drive.

An eastbound speed indicator for traffic will be placed shortly after the turn, about 370 m west of the east crossing.

  • Reflective flashing lights at the pedestrian crossing will be installed.
  • A southbound speed indicator for traffic will be placed just south of the Starkey Road and E Estates Way intersection, and the northbound speed indicator be placed just south of the bridge.

A west bound speed indicator for traffic will be placed between Estate Way Drive and Estate Way Close, and the east bound speed indicator be placed near the Villa Drive intersection.

Ground mounted pedestrian signs to mark the crossings of the driveway loop around the playground will be installed to enhance driver awareness of the crossings.

Reflective flashing lights will be installed at the pedestrian crossing to increase visibility.

A speed table will be installed for traffic calming. The speed table size will be about 6.4 metres wide and 4.3 metres long.


Locations of traffic calming measures


Villa Drive speed table.

Villa Drive speed table.

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