Villeneuve drainage


Project Highlights

Drainage improvements with this project include vegetation removal, roadside ditching, and culvert replacements. These improvements will address historical flooding concerns and are designed to ensure drainage flows to the north part of the Hamlet of Villeneuve.

In June, vegetation along Range Road 265 and Ferland Drive will be removed. This is advance work for the drainage improvement project.

In July and September, culverts will be replaced and ditch grade improvements will be done along Ferland Drive, Range Road 265, and the channel leading to Highway 44.

Scope of Work

This project involves:

  • replacing 22 culverts,
  • 1,460m of ditching,
  • creating 390m of new berms, and
  • planting new trees and plants.


Map showing location of work.

Project Updates

  • August 23, 2023

    Drainage work will begin in early September.

    The scope of work is primarily within Ferland Drive, this includes replacing the culverts for approach access.

  • July 7, 2023

    Vegetation removal is now done, allowing the project to move to the next phase: drainage construction.

  • June 28, 2023

    Vegetation removal is in progress for the project and is expected to last just over a week. This work is being done by a qualified arborist.

July 7, 2023

July 7, 2023

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