The Land Use Bylaw assigns a specific district to every property, such as the following:

  • Agriculture (AG)
  • Country Residential (R1)
  • Local Industrial (I2)

Each land use district allows different development and subdivision opportunities. These consider neighbouring landowners, long-range growth goals and local infrastructure like roads and utilities.

Land Use Bylaw Amendment/Rezoning Applications

Apply for a Land Use Bylaw amendment/rezoning if you want to change the land use district of your land. You’d make this application if you want to develop something that is not allowed in the current district.

Approval process

Council must approve all amendments to the Land Use Bylaw. This means Council must give first, second and third reading to the redistricting application and community input is allowed during a public hearing.

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Land use information can be viewed by checking the box “Land Use Bylaw.”

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