Compliance Certificates

What is a Compliance Certificate?

A compliance certificate is a service provided by Sturgeon County to confirm that development on a property meets the Land Use Bylaw. Compliance certificates are usually requested by banks and other lending institutions when it comes to the sale or remortgaging of a house.

Compliance Review

The County will review the Real Property Report to determine if the property is compliant with the setback requirements and structures on the property.

  • If the property complies with the setback requirements, the Real Property Report will receive a Stamp of Compliance.
  • If some or all the buildings on the property were constructed prior to the 1969 Development Control Bylaw 100-69 or were permitted in terms of a previous Land Use Bylaw and do not meet the regulations of the current Land Use Bylaw, a Statement of Non-Conformance Letter will be issued.
  • If the development on the property does not comply with the regulations, a Statement of Non-Compliance will be provided, and the applicant will be notified and given the opportunity to resolve any issues.

A Statement of Non-Compliance will outline the steps you will need to take to bring your property into compliance with the support from Current Planning and Development Services.


How do I request a compliance certificate?

A person may request a compliance review by submitting the following to Current Planning and Development Services:

  • A written request,
  • A payment of application fees ($180.00) and;
  • One original copy of a signed and stamped original Alberta Land Surveyor’s Real Property Report that is current representation of the property dated less than 5 years from the date of the Compliance Certificate request.

Requests can be made through email or in-person.

Note: Faxed copies and illegible copies of real property reports/surveyor’s certificates are not acceptable. Older documents (such as a building location certificate or surveyor’s certificate or a Real Property Report) older than five years may be submitted with a sealed and/or commissioned affidavit stating there are no changes to the property as indicated on the document. If improvements have been made, it will not be accepted for a compliance certificate.