Property Assessment

Property assessment places a dollar value on property in order to calculate taxation.

Provincial legislation requires that:

  • Sturgeon County prepares an annual assessment of all residential and non-residential properties. The assessments must be prepared using mass appraisal, meet provincial legislated standards, and represent the fee simple value of the property. The valuation date is July 1 of the year preceding the current tax year. The real estate market establishes the market value of your property; assessors simply measure it. 
  • The condition of your property is recorded. The condition date is December 31st of the year preceding the tax year. The condition of your property is determined by local assessors from property inspections and property information requests sent out and received from residents. 

View your Assessment 
Review and confirm your property characteristics, compare properties, and download an assessment summary using the interactive property assessment map

Understanding your Property Assessment
Learn more about what characteristics such as location, age, size, quality of construction, and site influences are all considered in your property’s assessed value.  

View the Interactive Property Map
See the current valuation of properties within Sturgeon County.

Ask an Assessor
If you have questions about your assessment, file an assessment inquiry, and an assessor will contact you within two business days.   

Assessment Complaints
If you have met with an assessor and still feel that your assessment is incorrect, you may file a complaint to the Assessment Review Board. 

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Note: To discuss a property, you will need your tax roll number or address, phone number, or email address.