Public Auction & Tax Recovery Sale

The Municipal Government Act of Alberta authorizes Sturgeon County to establish timelines and procedures for recovering unpaid property taxes. This includes the possession and sale of properties, distribution of surplus sale proceeds and final disposition of the land parcels. 

The County tries to recover property tax arrears through a fair, reasonable process for both property owners and the County. 

Sturgeon County is holding a tax sale public auction on Thursday, November 30, 2023, at 10 a.m. in Council Chambers. For more information visit, 2023 Tax Sale Auction.

Tax Recovery Process

  1. If taxes remain unpaid after December 31 of the year that they were imposed, the property is considered “in arrears”.     
  2. After more than one year in arrears, a Tax Recovery Notification is registered on Title.    
  3. If arrears are not paid by March 31 of the year following registration of the tax recovery notification, the municipality will offer the parcel for sale at Public Auction. 
    • At any time, anyone can pay tax arrears owing on the property.  
    • Once arrears are paid in full, the: 
      • Property will be taken off the arrears list 
      • Tax recovery notification on title will be discharged 
      • Parcel will not go to Public Auction. 
  1. If a property is not sold at public auction, the County may take ownership of the parcel by filing “tax forfeiture” on title.  At this point, the parcel may still be sold as a Tax Recovery Property.  


Tax and Assessment 


To learn more about the tax recovery process,
read the 
Guide to Tax Recovery in Alberta. 


Tax Recovery Properties for Sale 

The following properties have been to public auction and were not sold.  Sturgeon County has filed a “Tax Forfeiture” on these properties, and they remain for sale. 

Table of Tax Sale Properties current as of Nov. 14 2023