Taxes and Assessment in Sturgeon County

Assessment and Taxation provides citizens with a fair and transparent means to share the cost of County services essential to a vibrant and growing municipality.

To help make sure each property owner contributes a fair and equitable share, Sturgeon County sets a municipal tax rate each year. To calculate this, we use the total amount required in municipal property taxes and the total assessment value of all properties in Sturgeon County.

Annual Assessment Inspection Notice

Understanding your property tax bill

Your property tax is made up of three components.

  • Municipal levy
  • Education levy
  • Seniors levy



Why do property taxes change year over year?

Taxes may change due to one or a combination of these factors:

  • A change in the Sturgeon County annual budget or requisition requirements for municipal operations, or provincial education.
  • A change in assessment (market value) of more or less than the average.


If a property experiences a change in assessment above or below the average for the County, it will have a corresponding tax increase or decrease.

Large stone and stucco house with attached garage and landscaped green lawn in front.

Provincial Education Levies
Sturgeon County collects levies on behalf of Alberta Education for education. Provincial legislation requires all property owners contribute, whether or not they have children attending school. Approximately 25% of your property tax bill (or 25 cents of every dollar) goes to education taxes.

More information can be found on the Alberta Education website and the FAQs about provincial education taxes.

Homeland Housing
Tax levies are also collected on behalf of Homeland Housing, which provides a variety of seniors housing options at facilities within Sturgeon County and the City of St. Albert.