Property Taxes

Property Taxes


  • Maintain accurate account information, including ownership records. 
  • Provide accurate and timely annual, amended and supplementary property tax notices. 
  • Manage the collection and administration of municipal and Provincial Education Property Tax. 
  • Manage the collection and administration of Local Improvement Taxes. 
  • Administer the monthly Tax Installment Payment Plan (TIPP) program and other Council approved programs. 
  • Respond to inquiries related to taxation. 
  • Property taxes collected from residential and non-residential properties are the most significant revenue sources available to the Sturgeon County to pay for municipal services.

The Sturgeon County distributes property assessment and tax notices in late May every year and asks property owners to pay their taxes by the last business day in June each year to avoid late-payment penalties in accordance with Property Tax Penalty Bylaw. 

Your property tax bill consists of two major elements—municipal and education property taxes—and may also include local improvement charges, if applicable. 

Municipal Tax 

Municipal property taxes are set by the County and account for approximately 83% of your total property tax amount.  The County uses the annual budget requirements for programs and services provided and the total assessable value of all properties in the County to determine the appropriate municipal tax rates required. 

Read more on Sturgeon County’s budget.

Education Property Tax Requisition

Provincial education property taxes are set by the Government of Alberta and account for approximately 16% of the total property tax amount. The Sturgeon County collects the education tax amount on behalf of the provincial government.

The Government of Alberta states that education property taxes support public and separate school students in kindergarten to grade 12. Education property taxes are pooled and then distributed to all Alberta school boards on an equal per-student basis. The majority of these funds are for instruction, including teacher salaries, textbooks, and other classroom resources.

All property owners in Sturgeon County, residential and non-residential, are required to pay education property taxes including those without children in school and senior citizens.

You can choose whether your education property tax dollars go to the public or separate (Catholic) school board. Visit for further information.

Homeland Housing Property Tax Requisition 

Tax levies are also collected on behalf of homeland housing, which provides a variety of seniors housing options at facilities within Sturgeon County and St. Albert. Visit  Homeland Housing for further information.  

Local improvement

A local improvement is a project, approved by County Council, that is considered a greater benefit to a specified area within a municipality, rather than to the whole municipality. Some common examples include sewer infrastructure and roadworks.

A local improvement charge indicates the annual amount a property owner is required to pay to the County over a specified number of years, for projects constructed in the benefiting areas. Local improvements can be paid out any time during the amortization period to avoid future charges. Payout information can be obtained through the Corporate Finance & Treasury Department.