Waste & Recycling

Sturgeon County Waste & Recycling Permits

Sturgeon County landowners are provided with a permit to dispose of up to 8,000 kg of household refuse and recycling annually at the Roseridge Landfill and the Redwater Transfer Station.

Replacement permits cost $10.00.

How heavy is 8000kg?

8,000kg is approximately…

  • as heavy as 12 cows! That’s a-moo-sing!
  • 3x the size of a blue whale’s tongue!
  • 90% of a T-Rex!
  • the same weight as a garbage truck!

Need a Permit?

Roseridge Landfill and the Redwater Transfer Station are owned and operated by the Roseridge Waste Management Services Commission, a partnership between the Towns of Bon Accord, Morinville, Gibbons, Redwater, Legal and Sturgeon County to provide a region-wide essential service. For more information about Roseridge Landfill and its operation visit their website.

Click here to apply for your free permit

If you have any questions, or if you are at the landfill and have not applied for a new card, phone Sturgeon County at
780-939-0609 or email Dolores Rivard.

Roseridge Landfill

How do I get there?
Roseridge Landfill is located 2 KM east of Morinville off SH 642, south of Range Road 251
Phone: 780-939-5678

Redwater Transfer Station

How do I get there?
The Redwater Waste Transfer Station is located 1.6 KM north of Hwy 38 on Range Road 215
Phone: 780-939-5678