Risk Management

Claim submission process

You can make a claim against the County if you believe the municipality is responsible for your injury or property damage.

  1. Complete the online claim form, attach all relevant information, repair quotes and photos.
  2. Sturgeon County will then investigate the claim.
  3. You will receive a response within 30 days of filing the claim.
  4. You may also be contacted by a claims adjuster appointed by the County.
  5. The investigation process can take between 120 and 180 days or longer.
Please note: Sturgeon County does not automatically accept liability for damage. Submitting a claim does not guarantee you will get paid. The County will only consider compensation when it is proven that the municipality is legally liable for the injury or property damage sustained. All claim decisions are made based on evidence and relevant legislation under the Municipal Government Act of Alberta.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sturgeon County will only compensate damages when it is legally liable for the damage sustained, as stipulated in the Municipal Government Act of Alberta and other provincial legislation.

We suggest in all cases of property damage you contact your insurance company or broker. Depending on the type of property damaged and the insurance policy you purchased, you may be eligible for greater compensation than you could legally recover from Sturgeon County or a third party, such as a contractor. If your insurance provider believes the County or a contractor is responsible for your damage, they will pursue recovery on your behalf from any responsible parties after they have settled your claim.

If you have suffered damages to your property or injuries to your person and you believe you can demonstrate Sturgeon County is responsible, you may submit a claim for review. When submitting claims, the Claim Submission Procedure must be followed in order for your claim to be considered. A written acknowledgement of your claim will be provided with 30 days of its receipt at County Hall. Please note that depending on the nature of the claim and the completeness of the information provided, resolution time will vary and may be longer than 180 days.

Limitation periods for claims against municipalities are governed by provincial law, and basic guidelines are as follows:

  1. Snow, slush and ice – 21 days
  2. Road repairs or non-repair – 30 days
  3. All other actions – 2 years

Legal counsel may be able to advise you of any exceptions to the above-noted time frames.

For each claim received, an investigation will be conducted, and appropriate service departments consulted. The investigation will look at:

  1. Particular facts of the claim or alleged loss
  2. The applicable law(s)
  3. Whether Sturgeon County or their employees were negligent
  4. The claimant’s role in the situation
  5. The nature and extent of damages claimed, along with the supporting documentation

Depending on the value or dollar amount of your claim, a claims adjuster and/or legal counsel may be appointed by Sturgeon County to handle the claim and all related communication. Please note that all injury claims will be handled by a claims adjuster regardless of value.

Possible resolutions to claims may include:

  1. Transferred to the responsible party or entity (i.e. contractor)
  2. Denial where there is no evidence of County negligence
  3. A negotiated settlement or reimbursement of your damages

Follow the Claim Submission Process and submit your information using the online Claim Form.

You can expect to receive a written acknowledgement of your claim within 30 days of filing.

The timeline to resolve a claim varies depending on the nature of the claim and the completeness of the information provided. On average, claims are resolved within 120 to 180 days.

Falling trees are considered to be an accident or an “act of God”. An “act of God” means an extraordinary occurrence or a circumstance that could not have been readily foreseen and which could not have been prevented. An example of an “act of God” is where damage occurs to private property during strong winds as a result of a tree being blown over or damaged by the intensity of the wind where the tree is considered to be sound and healthy.

In such cases, the County’s Agriculture crews will remove the damaged tree or branches and clean up any tree debris. Owners of damaged property will be advised that they are responsible for the cost of repairs to their property and to make a claim against their insurance company for the property damage, if they are insured.

If a falling tree branch or tree has caused damage to a vehicle, fence, wall, roof or some other private building structure, and the claimant believes that they can demonstrate that the County has been negligent in its maintenance of the offending tree, the Claim Submission Procedure may be followed.

If there is flooding in your basement, contact the Utilities department. Report drainage concerns to Transportation & Engineering Services using the online reporting service.

We recommend you contact your insurance company first regarding any damages. If your insurer believes the County is responsible for your damage, they will proceed with recovery as stipulated in your home or business insurance policy.

If you receive damage to your property and you believe it is the direct result of services provided by the County or negligent provision thereof, you may submit a claim following the Claim Submission Procedure.

*Please Note: be advised Sturgeon County will only accept responsibility or provide compensation when it is legally liable for the damage sustained.

Alert the County to any road issues like potholes, ruts, cave-in or other disrepair on the road, using the Report A Road Concern online service. If you have received damage to your vehicle as a result of the disrepair, you may submit a claim following the Claim Submission procedure and Claim form.

*Please Note: Sturgeon County may only consider for reimbursement those claims where County personnel knew or should have known of the disrepair and did not repair the road or place hazard signage in a timely fashion after being advised of the issue.

Report the incident to Transportation & Engineering Services at 780-939-8252. Your inquiry may be directed to Risk Management for further investigation. In cases where contractors have been hired for construction or repairs to public property, that contractor is then responsible for any injury or damage that may arise as a result of their work. Contact information for the responsible contractor may be provided.

If you have been injured on Sturgeon County premises you may be eligible for reimbursement of your necessary medical expenses incurred as a result of the injury, but only if the County has been negligent in providing a reasonable level of safety to the public in areas designated for their use. In these cases, a claims adjuster will be assigned to evaluate your claim, collect further information, and recommend settlement or other courses of action.

In case of injury, seek immediate medical attention and ensure you report your injury to County personnel as soon as possible to allow for completion of incident reporting, and the immediate correction of any factors that may have contributed to your injury.