Spring drainage

Preparing for the spring melt

The potential for spring flooding in Sturgeon County is dependent on four natural factors: rainfall, soil moisture, snowpack, and temperature. When warmer weather arrives, it is common to see water accumulate in ditches, ponds, and fields. It is a natural part of the spring thaw.

To prevent flooding and damage to our roads and infrastructure, County crews will address problem areas before the spring thaw arrives. The process includes removing snow from roads or clearing channels.

During spring runoff, there are County crews dedicated to opening blocked culverts and carrying out emergency pumping as required.

Together, we can keep our community safe by protecting our homes, roads, and public infrastructure.

For more information on what landowners and the Province can do to help manage water, read the Government of Alberta’s Fact Sheet for Spring Run-off Flood Prevention.

If you notice a drainage issue, contact the County. Crews prioritize calls about spring drainage to protect our public infrastructure like roads and bridges. They also address issues like blocked culverts or catch basins that may threaten private property.

Call: 780-939-8252
Download the app: Sturgeon County App
Online: SturgeonCounty.ca/ReportARoad

Be proactive to prevent flooding

  • Be mindful of where you place the snow when clearing your driveway.
  •  Shovel snow away from your foundation paying special attention to ground level windows and doors.
  •  Clean your eaves and pointing downspouts away from your home.
  •  Check your sump pump.

Drainage and watercourses on farmland

Changes made to wetlands or a body of water on your property that may divert water or for the purpose of drainage must be approved by the Province of Alberta. This Water Act Essentials Fact Sheet explains some of the roles and responsibilities (Surface Drainage Bylaw 1558-21) and when to contact the Province.

Beaver dams

If you have a beaver dam on your property that is impacting drainage, contact Agricultural Services at 780-939-8349 or email Agriculture Services. 


Transportation and Engineering Services is accessible 24 hours a day to respond to road concerns.
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