What to Expect at an SDAB Hearing

Published on Jun 15, 2022

Subdivision and Development Appeal Hearing Process

The hearing is a formal meeting and the length of time can vary. Hearings are generally scheduled Tuesday afternoons at the Sturgeon County Centre in the Town of Morinville.
Parties are to submit a presentation in the form of an in person, written, or visual presentation.
Materials should be submitted at least five (5) business days in prior, so it can be included in the hearing package. Parties may have someone speak on their behalf if needed.
If a number of appeals are filed on the same item, it is recommended that a spokesperson be selected.
The Board is not an evidence seeking body. It relies on the written evidence presented, as well as hearing submissions, to make their decision.
It is important that those appearing before the Board make sure that sufficient evidence is presented to support their positions.
When presenting an appeal, keep in mind the Board does not consider precedent when making its decision. Each application is judged on its own merits.

At the hearing . . .

Anyone in attendance with an interest in the appeal enters the hearing room just before the scheduled start time

⚖️ The meeting is called to order by the Chair.

⚖️ The Chair gives a brief outline as to how the hearing will proceed.

⚖️ The Chair will have all board members, staff and people involved in the appeal introduce themselves and those present are asked if there are any objections to the Board members hearing the appeal.

⚖️ A representative of Sturgeon County Planning and Development will
outline the background of the appeal and why the decision was made.

⚖️ The Chairman will then ask the Appellant to present his/her position or concerns with respect to the matter being considered by the Board. Development Appeal Board members question the Appellant.

At the beginning of your presentation introduce yourself for the record.

  • Clearly state your reasons for the appeal.
  • Information such as photographs, illustrative materials should be submitted to the Secretary at least five (5) business days in
    advance of the hearing. If you are unable to meet the deadline, you will be required to bring ten (10) copies of your materials.
  • Stick to the planning facts and support them with measurable data.
  • State the details about the site in the context of the surrounding properties and the impact on the community.
  • To hear from anyone else in favor of the appeal (persons who
    filed an appeal or support the position of the Appellant).
    Following each presentation Board members may ask questions.
  • To hear from anyone opposed to the appeal (persons who oppose
    the position of the Appellant).

After all presentations have been heard, the Chairman will give the Appellants the right to respond to new information.

This is a chance to refute information and evidence presented since the last time you spoke that you could not have  anticipated. It is not an opportunity to reargue your case or create new argument.

The Chairman advises that the Board will deliberate “In-Camera” and a written decision will be mailed within 15 days from the date of the decision as per legislation.

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