Small Business Week Highlights

Published on Nov 07, 2022

Thank you to all the business representatives who attended the learning and networking opportunities we offered during Small Business Week (Oct. 16 to 22). It was great to be able to see our business community in person at the Mighty Business Breakfast Bash, and we already have big ideas for next year!

Key Takeaways:

Put Yourself in the Consumer’s Shoes

Heather Thomson was the keynote speaker for the Mighty Business Breakfast Bash. She is on a mission to re-energize communities and she shared six rules for businesses to respond to today’s competitive environment. She noted that the way people consume goods and services has changed and, as such, we need to be intentional in how we create an amazing customer experience.

Click here for an overview of her presentation.

Pivot, Pivot, Pivot!

During panel discussions at the Mighty Business Breakfast Bash, we heard from local businesses about how important it is to adapt. Asking the following questions will help you determine what you might need to adapt to:

  • What are our customers saying?
  • What has changed in the marketplace?
  • Are there new opportunities at my fingertips?

One of the benefits of being a small business is how nimbly you can react to situations. If you’re willing and able, this can be one of the key success factors in your business operations.

Take Advantage of FREE Resources 

Digital Economy Program

For some, the digital world is overwhelming and scary. If you are a business owner who does not know where to begin, let the Digital Economy Program help you. Through use of the program, consultants will set up and improve your existing digital tools – for FREE!

  • The Digital Economy Program can assist with:
  • social media
  • website and search engine optimization (SEO)
  • ads and analytics
  • identity and brand management
  • photography and more!

Sign up now for free digital support.

Canada Digital Adoption Program

The way Canadians do business has changed. Companies, employees and customers are doing more and more business online, which is why the Government of Canada is committed to helping businesses adopt new digital technologies to stay competitive and meet their customers’ needs.

The program provides funding and expertise to businesses, as well as training and work opportunities for young Canadians. Businesses will be able to apply for two different kinds of support:

  • Grow Your Business Online, will help SMEs take advantage of e-commerce opportunities.
  • Boost Your Business Technology, will help businesses with the development and implementation of digital adoption strategies

Join the Canada Digital Adoption Program’s free webinar to learn more about eligibility, process and more. Dates are set for November and December.


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