Bylaws and Policies

Bylaws and Policies

The County’s bylaws and policies help maintain the health, safety and well-being of the entire community. Policies are Council statements that guide decision making on municipal matters.

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For Bylaw Enforcement, call 780-939-8418.


The Municipal Government Act grants Sturgeon County the ability to create municipal bylaws in response to unique municipal issues.
These bylaws apply only within the jurisdictional boundaries of Sturgeon County and are enforceable by Bylaw Enforcement officers as well as R.C.M.P.

The Bylaws available on our website are for general information only and are not an exhaustive list.
We cannot guarantee their completeness or correctness.
For a certified copy of any bylaw, or if you are having difficulty finding a particular one, contact us.

Bylaw Enforcement

Sturgeon County Protective Services handles bylaw reports and complaints.

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