Broadband Strategy

Internet access is a necessity for business, education and personal use. Sturgeon County Council continues with its broadband strategy to improve internet access throughout the County. 97.7% of Sturgeon County residents and businesses say they are dissatisfied with their current internet access, and that they couldn’t live without it.

For more information, review the Resident Survey Results and Business Survey Results.

Sturgeon County, along with its private sector partner, Canadian Fiber Optics Corporation (CFOC), will proceed in phases, starting with a pilot project in the Villeneuve area.

The Broadband Network project is moving forward with Phase 1 of the broadband initiative. This includes fibre installation to residences and businesses along the fibre route in the southwest corner of the County. Construction is underway. Construction updates are available here.

Benefits of the new network include:  

  • Speed: Increased minimum speeds of 100 megabits per second (mbps), almost 10X faster than the existing avg. speed in the Core Area.
  • Reliability: Fibre can consistently handle more users and more data at higher speeds and is more reliable than other broadband services.
  • Security: Fibre optic networks are more secure. Optical fibre is immune to electrical interference and has zero electrical emissions.