Broadband Strategy

Sturgeon County Broadband Strategy

Project Highlights

Internet access is a necessity for business, education and personal use. Sturgeon County Council continues with its broadband strategy to improve internet access throughout the County.
97.7% of Sturgeon County residents and businesses say they are dissatisfied with their current internet access, and that they couldn’t live without it.
For more information, review the Resident Survey Results and Business Survey Results.

Sturgeon County’s Broadband Strategy will proceed in phases, starting with a pilot project in the Villeneuve area.

Project Updates

May 1, 2022

Where We Are Now

With all the planning activities complete, this phase will include the actual construction of the network, which includes:

  • Fibre conduit burial along selected the rights-of-way and up to homes and businesses in the initial phase
  • Connection and “lighting up” of the fibre

Status: In-Progress (May through August 2022)

June 30, 2022

The fibre will be activated when it is installed and made ready for use. As with the construction, final installation and activation will be rolled out across the initial phase as it becomes available:

  • Internet service providers will begin marketing this new service to residents and businesses within the initial phase
  • Residents and businesses in the initial phase will be able to sign up for internet through their selected Internet Service Provider

Status: Not-Started (June through September 2022)

September 1, 2022

Incorporating lessons learned during the first phase, the project will install and activate fibre throughout the rest of the County. This will involve a continual series of pre-construction, construction, and service activation steps as fibre deployment rolls out area by area.

Status: Not-Started (September 2022 through September 2024)