Sturgeon Broadband Extended Service Area

This is the moment that Sturgeon County residents have been waiting for: we are ready to put the shovels to the ground and start building the first phase of the Sturgeon Broadband Fibre Network!

As we prepare for construction, it is time for us to meet with property owners in the pilot project area and discuss how the project will roll out. This includes sharing information on the construction route, construction timelines, and the impacts to property owners.

We have confirmed the route where we will be installing the fibre optic cables. With our budget of $7.3 million, we will be able to connect approximately 52 per cent of properties along the route.

View the map to see if your property is part of the Core Service Area or in the Extended Service Area.

Although we cannot bring fibre to every property within the pilot project area, there are still opportunities for everyone to connect and we want to discuss how we can work together to make that happen.

Broadband Availability Map

Use the Broadband Availability Map to see the construction route and to see if your property is part of the Core Service Area or the Extended Service Area.

Email us with any additional questions you may have.

  • Why am I not on the fibre service route?

    The fibre service route was chosen as the optimum route to service all hamlets, business parks, subdivisions in the scope of phase 1 considering cost of service and environmental impacts. Where multiple paths were available without increasing cost, the route with the most service locations was selected. The County would like to provide service to every home; unfortunately, it is not economically possible for the County to do so at this time.

  • Is there an option for me to get fibre to my home?

    Yes, fibre can be extended to your home or business on a cost-shared basis. The land lowner would be responsible for the conduit, installation and related components and the County would be responsible for providing and lighting up the fibre itself.

  • How much will it cost me to get the fibre extended?

    The County is developing an estimator program to help you decide if it is something you would like to pursue further. More information will be coming out on this soon.

  • Can I supply and install the conduit myself on my property?

    You can install your own conduit on your property as long as you follow County guidelines. However, on County property, including road allowances, you will have to pay for the installation to be done by Canadian Fibre Optics Corporation.

  • Is there provincial or federal government funding available?

    There is currently no provincial or federal government program to help cover the costs.

  • Are there County financing options?

    Unfortunately, this is not an option available to Sturgeon County under municipal legislation in Alberta.

  • Why can’t it be put on our taxes and paid over time?

    Unfortunately, this is not an option available to Sturgeon County under municipal legislation in Alberta.

  • Will it be a better deal if my neighbours pay to have fibre to their houses as well?

    Yes, the shared portion of the route will be split between the parties having it installed. Costs will be lowest if it is built at the same time. We encourage you to discuss this option with your neighbours.

  • Are there other options for me to receive internet other than the fibre network?

    You can continue to use your current provider in the same manner, or search for other internet service providers in the area. As some residents and businesses move on to the County’s fibre network, this may free up wireless capacity on the existing networks in your area.

  • Will there be more areas added on in the future?

    Expansion of the service in the southwestern portion of the County is not being contemplated at this time.

  • I initially said that I did not want fibre to my home, but I’ve changed my mind. Can my address be added to the construction schedule?

    Yes, you can be added to the schedule. The sooner the better though so crews can plan for it while they are close to your home. This is more cost effective to you than re-mobilizing crews.

  • Who should I contact if I want to add fibre to my property?

    Send us an email to discuss how you can have fibre installed to your property.