Villeneuve Airport Area Master Plan (VAAMP)

The lands surrounding Villeneuve Airport (ZVL) are prime for commercial and industrial investment. There is huge potential to support regional economic growth, diversification, and new jobs.

The area is blessed with tremendous:

  • road, rail, and air infrastructure
  • innovative businesses
  • and pending upgrades to local broadband and municipal water services.

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The VAAMP is focused on the lands surrounding the Villeneuve Airport. It will not specifically address the airport itself, which has an existing strategic plan, and will not encompass the hamlet of Villeneuve nor restrict ongoing agricultural or resource extraction practices in the area.

The final VAAMP includes:

  • a technical analysis
  • identification of current and future infrastructure needs
  • economic forecasts
  • regulatory and regional requirements
  • and more

The VAAMP will guide development in the Villeneuve Airport area and support the attraction of investment in sectors that connect regional goods and services with global markets.

VAAMP Timeline

March 2021
Project Launch

March-August 2021
Technical Reviews

April- August 2021
Stakeholder Engagement – Three Phases

November 2021
Master Plan Finalization & Council Motion to proceed to ASP

VAA-ASP Timeline

January 2022
Launch of Villeneuve Airport Area – Area Structure Plan development

Early 2022
Bylaw Considerations, Public Hearings, and Regional Referrals

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