2023 – 2025 Budget
Draft Capital Projects Plan

In the proposed 2023-2025 workplan, there is more than $108 million to be invested in over 130 Capital projects within five key community building categories:

Transportation Assets:
Roads, bridges, and drainage
Externally & Self-funded Assets & Mandated Programs:
Water and wastewater
Community Assets:
Parks, playgrounds, and trails
Internal Assets:
Municipal buildings, vehicles, and equipment
Public Safety:
Fire trucks and equipment, as well as Bylaw service equipment

View the draft Capital Projects Plan

Budget Survey: Report to the Community

Earlier this year, we ran a survey about the 2023 Budget. We asked the community to rank strategic priorities for #SturgeonCounty

When asked to rank the importance of County programs and services, these are the top responses:

  • Winter road maintenance
  • Emergency services and fire
  • Police (RCMP) services
  • Broadband internet


When asked to rank strategic priorities for the County, the community said its top five priorities are:

  • Minimizing taxes
  • Planning in a financially sustainable way
  • Investing in new infrastructure such as roads, broadband and recreation
  • Enhancing community safety
  • Attracting new jobs and investment to support revenue

View the 2023 Budget Survey Results