Sturgeon County Leadership Team

Sturgeon County

Sturgeon County’s Leadership team strive to model the County’s Values of
Planned Growth, Thriving Communities, Environmental Stewardship, Collaborative Governance, and
Operational Excellence

They strive to give people of our communities the support and assistance they need to move our County forward into a brighter future for all its residents

Chief Administrative Officer Reegan McCullough

Sturgeon County’s Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), also known as County Commissioner, is accountable to the Mayor and Council.

As CAO, Reegan leads the development, implementation, and administration of all policies and programs established and approved by Council; guides and advises Council on legislation and municipal operations; and provides information to support Council in making informed decisions.

The CAO, working with the Leadership Team, provides vision, leadership and direction to the organization based on the Strategic Plan and approved policies. The CAO is responsible for delivering the County’s business plans within budgets approved by Council.

In addition to the Leadership Team, Community Services, including Family and Community Support Services and Open Spaces, currently report to the CAO.

Chief Operating Officer
Scott MacDougall

As Chief Operating Officer, Scott oversees the Infrastructure Services Division, which includes:

  • Transportation and Engineering Services
  • Utility and Waste Management Services,
  • Fleet and Facility Services
  • Protective Services
  • Agriculture Services

General Manager, Development and Strategic Services Travis Peter

As General Manager, Development and Strategic Services Division, Travis oversees

  • Economic Development and Ecosystem Services
  • Planning and Development Services
  • Corporate Planning and Intergovernmental Services
  • Innovation and Strategic Initiatives


General Manager, Financial Services and Chief Financial Officer  Andrew Hayes

Andrew is the General Manager, Financial Services Division and the Chief Financial Officer for Sturgeon County. He oversees

  • Corporate Finance and Treasury Services
  • Assessment Services
  • Procurement

General Manager, Corporate Services Jesse Sopko

As General Manager, Corporate Services Division, Jesse oversees

  • Legislative Services
  • Human Resource Services
  • Information Services
  • Corporate Communications

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