Sturgeon County App – Maintenance and Mandatory Updates

Published on Jun 01, 2023

The Sturgeon County app is undergoing mandatory coding updates between May 31 and June 15.  These updates impact both Apple and Android users.

During the maintenance timeframe, there may be some service interruptions and unexpected downtimes, impacting users’ ability to access the app. We have been experiencing such an outage today.

Note that the updates were required by Apple and Google and impacts all SMB clients, not just Sturgeon County.

As a result of these updates, you may need to update your app as follows:

Android Mobile App

Due to Google Play Store requirements, Android users will need to uninstall the current app from their Android phones and download the new version of the app. Here is a direct link to re-download the Android app. Sturgeon County App – Apps on Google Play

Apple Mobile App

Most Apple users will see the updated version of the app right away if you have “auto app update” enabled on your device. If you have disabled auto app updates, you will need to manually update the app. ***The updated Apple App Submission is currently in-progress and should be completed within the next 12-48 hours. Our provider will notify us when completed and we will advise accordingly.***

Please contact Corporate Communications if you have any questions or concerns about this update

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