Sturgeon County Council passes Tax Rate Bylaw

Published on Apr 22, 2022

During the April 22, 2022, meeting, Sturgeon County Council passed the Tax Rate Bylaw, which includes a 1.8 per cent tax increase for 2022.

“This was not an easy decision for Council,” said Mayor Alanna Hnatiw. “Unfortunately, due to increased costs for policing and reductions in funding from other levels of government, Council approved the first tax rate increase since 2018.”

Sturgeon County is served by the RCMP. The organization’s funding contribution for policing in 2020 was $602,299 and $904,037 for 2021. Projected funding over the next four years.

  • 2022: $1,466,620
  • 2024: $2,227,271
  • 2023: $2,226,834
  • 2025: $2,228,543

“The changes in funding for policing has had a significant impact on Sturgeon County’s budget, and the costs will only increase,” said Mayor Hnatiw. “The Province’s decision for rural communities to cover over 80 percent of policing costs means we have to collect more from property taxes to cover the shortfall.”

Municipal taxes are the most important single source of revenue for Sturgeon County and represent approximately 83 per cent of revenues for 2022. Other sources of income include federal and provincial grants, including the Municipal Sustainability Initiative (MSI) funding, which helps offset costs for infrastructure development.

“For 2022, we are receiving $4,066,594 million less in MSI funding compared to 2021,” said Mayor Hnatiw. “MSI covers projects such as road construction and rehabilitation, water and wastewater projects, and other key assets. The reduction in MSI funding puts the responsibility of funding significant infrastructure projects on the County. Reducing the budget to avoid a tax increase would mean cutting back on key projects and initiatives that contribute to the quality of life in the County.”

Education and Seniors Housing Requisitions 

The Education requisition amounts are established by the Government of Alberta and are binding. For 2022, the average County household residential education property tax decreased by approximately $39.

The Homeland Housing requisition resulted in a residential property tax increase of approximately $13.61 for the average County household.

The Designated Industrial Property Requisitions are established by the Province of Alberta. For 2022, the rate has remained consistent with the prior year.

Assessment and Tax Notices will be mailed Friday, May 19, 2022 and the deadline for payment is June 30, 2022, for property owners not part of the Tax Installment Payment Plan (TIPP).

More information on the Sturgeon County budget, including programs and services, can be found at

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