Wildfire Update 4: Redwater Transfer Station (May 7 at 11:00 a.m.)

Published on May 07, 2023

Emergency crews report that the fire near the Redwater Transfer Station remains under control. Precipitation started shortly after midnight and light showers continued through most of the night. The rain has provided much-needed moisture and will add greatly to the containment efforts.

All units have now been removed from the scene and have returned to service. The fire will be monitored over the next few days and plans are currently underway to re-open the transfer station early this week.

Unless the situation changes, this will be the last update on this fire. Please continue to exercise caution, and if you see any signs of smoke or fire, please report it immediately.

Despite the light rain received overnight, the fire risk remains extremely high in the region and the fire and OHV ban remains in place. Visit sturgeoncounty.ca/fire-ban-may for information on what is and is not permitted during the fire ban.

All wildfire updates will be posted at sturgeoncounty.ca/emergency.

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