Sturgeon County’s ALUS program supports farmers and ranchers by helping them establish projects that produce ecosystem services on their land, and by providing annual payments for their management and maintenance of these projects.

Sturgeon County’s ALUS program aims to value, protect and promote both the agricultural community and the region’s unique and precious natural environment through the implementation of on-the-ground projects that rebuild, retain and reconstruct natural areas such as wetlands, grasslands, riparian areas and treed areas.

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Apply to the ALUS program

Not sure if your project qualifies for ALUS? Use this handy project qualification checklist to find out!

Ready to proceed? Contact the ALUS Coordinator via email or call 587-570-8712, or complete the expression of interest Form.

More information on ALUS is available on the ALUS website.

Projects funded under ALUS include

  • Livestock watering systems
  • Planting shelterbelts
  • Improving buffers around waterbodies and fencing off waterbodies
  • Reforestation
  • Planting vegetation for pollinators
  • Creating, restoring, or improving wetlands
  • Erosion control
  • Installing bird nests or other habitats
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