Building & Development

Whether you’re building a shed, your dream home or planning a new community, we’re committed to helping you understand and navigate the planning and development process.

Development in the County is guided by the following:

  • Municipal Development Plan, which provides an overall vision for growth in Sturgeon County.
  • Area structure plans, which provide a policy framework for development in specific areas of the County.
  • Land Use Bylaw, which identifies where specific development types can take place and outlines the regulations influencing that development.

Sturgeon County’s approach ensures that development remains competitive while aligning with our common goals of safety, inclusivity and innovation.

Sturgeon Property Viewer

To search in this tool, enter the address, legal description or roll number of the property you want into the search field at the top right. For help using the tool, view our detailed instructions.

Land use information can be viewed by checking the box “Land Use Bylaw.”

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