Value-Added Agriculture

Exceptional soil, flat terrain, and access to quality water create exemplary growing conditions in the County, whilst strong infrastructure and international market access is supporting unique opportunities in this expanding industry. 

As the County increases its share of value-added agricultural activities, industries such as processing, packaging, distribution and retail food sales will continue to flourish within our borders. Local businesses are diversifying from crops and commodities into innovative bioproducts, consumer-ready food, treatment and transportation of raw commodities, specialty food processing, and agri-tourism. 

The County has high production and processing capacity within the alfalfa, oats and cereals, and grain handling market segments. Based on current infrastructure and planned investment, Sturgeon County has the potential to boost total primary grain handling capacity to nearly 1 million metric tonnes per year.

Supporting Agribusiness Value Chain

R&D Hub
value added ag research

Home to the University of Alberta’s research station, which features an 800-acre farm for agronomic and environmental research.

Suitable Lands

Access to land suitable for a range of sectoral uses including food processing, ag-tech development and food ingredient production via Sturgeon Industrial Park and Legal Crossroads Industrial Park.

Sector Talent
value added agriculture sector talent

Sturgeon County has a higher share of employment in agriculture as compared to other municipalities in the Edmonton Metro Region.

Transportation and Logistics
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Connected via 14 major highways and CN Railway’s Class 1 Network (spans Canada and mid-America, connecting to three coasts) directly supporting movement of goods across the country.

Production Values
Acres of Class 1 Soil
0 K

Prime agriculture land including 140,000+ acres for canola production, 55,000+ acres for barley production and 125,000+ acres for wheat.

Value-Added Agriculture Incentive

The County’s Value-Added Agricultural incentive supports new construction and expansions of value-added agricultural projects in Sturgeon County could be eligible for municipal tax exemptions between 1.5% and 2% of eligible project capital costs.  

Note: This incentive is complementary to provincial support programs. Get in touch to learn how to maximize the financial support available for your next investment project in Sturgeon County.

Graphic reads: Major Investment Incentives Program

Success Story

“Plantae Technologies thrives in Sturgeon County, a prime location for our venture. Abundant resources, access to agricultural feedstocks, proximity to Edmonton for labor and transportation, and strategic partnerships with leading research institutions fuel our innovation. The staff at Sturgeon County made us feel welcomed and valued right from the onset. This support, coupled with the ready network of suppliers and customers in the region has set us up to be competitive across the world.”

Trevor Kloeck, President of Plantae Technologies


value added ag oilseeds
Grains + Oilseeds
value added ag breweries
Breweries + Distilleries
value added ag machinery
Ag + Construction Machinery
value added ag crop production
Crop Production
value added ag other
Other (Ex. Plant-based Protein)

Companies Choosing Sturgeon County

A fire advisory is in effect for Sturgeon County due to high temperatures and lack of precipitation.

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