Road Use Agreements

Road Use Agreement (RUA) protect our roads by helping the County monitor heavy vehicle traffic, manage wear and tear on the roads, and plan for future maintenance.

Farmers do not need Road Use Agreements. 

To find out if your operation needs a Road Use Agreement, call 780-939-1378.

When You Need a Road Use Agreement

  • If you are exceeding five trips to the same destination or project in a 24-hour period, or more than 12 trips over three or more days to the same project.
  • Industry like gravel trucks and infilling hauls of clay, topsoil, or marginal soil.
  • Oil & gas operations including all drilling and service rigs require RUA for moves.
  • RUA’s are required year-round, even when road ban season is over.

Get a Road Use Agreement

Applications must be submitted at least five business days before the start date of the planned haul. County personnel are to be notified 24-hours before the haul and not more than 24 hours after completion of the haul; 24-hours’ notice is required if a haul is discontinued then restarted.

If you have questions about Road Use Agreements and the application process, contact Mike Boddez, RUA Coordinator at 780-939-1378 or email

Over-Dimensional & Over-Weight Permits

Over-dimensional/over-weight permits must be applied for through the Alberta Transportation permitting system TRAVIS. Sturgeon County must review this permit before you can travel on County roads.

This also applies to industry like concrete pumpers and mobile cranes.

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