Conservation Initiatives

Sturgeon County promotes sustainable agricultural practices and the importance of agricultural innovations.

Integrated Crop Management

Integrated management develops tools for management, considering soil, water, air and biodiversity. Cropping systems may include:

  • site-specific management
  • crop rotation
  • crop diversification
  • grassed waterways and
  • residue management

These reduce the impacts of crop production on the environment. Having an integrated cropping system enhances the profitability and efficiency of farm operations.

Sustainable Grazing and Riparian Management

Sustainable grazing addresses environmental concerns and provides a balance between forage production and livestock consumption. A grazing area with a well-balanced variety of species and a well-managed grazing schedule produces more grass and creates a sustainable environment for long-term grass production.

Healthy grass cover protects soil from erosion and provides wildlife habitat. Where pastures border on riparian areas, grazing management includes riparian area management. This improves water quality, reduces bank erosion, improves forage production and enhances fish and wildlife habitat.

Nutrient Management

Nutrient management involves

  • the feeding
  • storage
  • transport
  • application and use of nutrients on the farm.

It addresses challenges dealing with odour, surface and groundwater quality and health and safety issues while promoting the concept of manure as a resource.

Agricultural Sustainability is achieved by harvesting or using a resource in a way that ensures the resource is not depleted or permanently damaged. When we think of Agriculture, it is easy to see where this applies. Farming is essential; it relies on healthy soil, water and ecological resources. Sturgeon County seeks to increase the balance between agriculture and these resources to enhance our quality of life while building a more sustainable future.

Through articles, agricultural tours and workshops, Sturgeon County strives to keep producers informed.

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A fire advisory is in effect for Sturgeon County due to high temperatures and lack of precipitation.

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