Hired Equipment

Sturgeon County is preparing for a busy road and drainage maintenance season. These activities may require more equipment than the County owns. That’s why we hire equipment on an as-needed basis.

Equipment rates greater than the Alberta Roadbuilders & Heavy Construction Association (ARHCA) rates will not be considered 

Hired equipment needs for 2024

  • Gravel trucks with and without pups, belly dumps
  • Water trucks
  •  Backhoes
  • Gradall
  • Track excavators
  • Packers (rubber, vibratory-steel, and padfoot)
  • Street sweeper brush mowers (hydro-axe, stump grinders)
  • Small dozer (D4 to D6-wide pad)
  • Hydro vac trucks tractors (all-wheel drive)
  • Tractor trailers – for hauling heavy equipment

Interested in supplying equipment?

Contractors interested in supplying owner operated or unmanned equipment as listed above to Sturgeon County must register their equipment using the Hired Equipment Information Package

Please include:

  • a list of your equipment and the hourly rates
  • a clearance letter from WCB confirming current account
  • carrier profile and vehicle registration
  • health and safety certification
  • certificate of insurance – showing Sturgeon County as an additional insured or certificate holder with a minimum of $5 million comprehensive general liability and $2 million per occurrence comprehensive automobile liability

Email your form to hiredequipment@sturgeoncounty.ca.

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