Sturgeon County’s All Class Fireworks Bylaw and the National Fire Code – Alberta Edition include rules so you can enjoy fireworks safely.

Different rules apply depending on the category of fireworks; fireworks are categorized as either low-hazard or high-hazard.

  • Low-hazard fireworks are commonly referred to as shop-grade or family fireworks. These are regulated for storage, sale and discharge under the National Fire Code – Alberta Edition, but do not require certification for handling, transporting or discharge.
  • High-hazard fireworks are fireworks that only persons certified under the Canadian Explosives Act may store, transport and discharge. This typically includes fireworks used at large events.

You cannot sell, purchase, give away or discharge fireworks during a fire advisory, restriction or ban.

Violating the All Class Fireworks bylaw could result in fines of between $100 and $1,000.

Low-Hazard Fireworks

You must have a valid permit and be at least 18 years old to purchase, sell, possess, transport, give away, store or discharge low-hazard fireworks in Sturgeon County.

Apply for a low-hazard fireworks permit.

High-Hazard Fireworks

You must have a valid permit to discharge high-hazard fireworks in Sturgeon County. You must apply for this permit at least three weeks in advance of the event/discharge date.

You cannot sell or store high-hazard fireworks in Sturgeon County.

Call 780-939-8400 or email Protective Services to apply for a high-hazard fireworks permit.

Fireworks Safety

Consumer fireworks are not toys. Consumer fireworks are powerful pyrotechnic articles and their sale and purchase are regulated.

Learn more about consumer fireworks safety.

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A fire advisory is in effect for Sturgeon County due to high temperatures and lack of precipitation.

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