Municipal addressing helps keep people and property safe. Visible address signs help emergency services and other County services reach you, and it helps visitors and service crews know where they are.

Request a New Address

Contact Planning and Development via email or at 780-939-8275 for your rural address or to confirm the address you should put on your signage.

Address Signage

Signs are available from any commercial sign manufacturer – such as Alberta Traffic Supply, Hunters Print & Copy , Barricades & Signs or JLS Decals & Signs – or you can make your own.

Sign Specifications

  • The sign must be visible from the roadway; reflective material is recommended.
  • The lettering on the sign must be at least 15 centimetres high.
  • You can use the following abbreviations on your sign:
    • Rge Rd: Range Road
    • Twp Rd: Township Road
    • SH: Secondary Highway
    • Hwy: Highway
  • For farmsteads, rural acreages and rural businesses, your sign must include your complete rural address, such as “57203” or “57203 Rge Rd 241.”
  • Where there are multiple buildings on a property, the municipal address must be visible at the property line and at the entrance to each building or unit.
  • Businesses only need to post the one-to-three-digit house or building number; they do not need the full five-digit access number posted. Note: the building number may not be the same as the lot number.

Installation Guidelines

Property owners are responsible for installing their municipal address signs.

  • Signs should be installed one foot inside the property line at a 45- to 90-degree angle to the driveway, where possible.
  • Signs should be positioned on the left-hand side of the driveway when entering the road shoulder to minimize conflict with snow removal equipment and large vehicles.
  • Signs should be placed roughly six feet from the driveway, where possible.
  • The sign should be at least three feet above the ground to make it visible to motorists.

Note: before you install your address sign, submit a locate request to identify any underground utility lines.

About Municipal Addressing

The addressing system is access based, so numbers increase as you travel north and west. Except in subdivisions, odd-numbered properties are on the south and east side of the road, and even-numbered properties are on the north and west side of the road.

If two accesses fall within the same zone, they will each have letter designations, such as 56305A Rge Rd 262. If two properties share a single access, they will each have number designations, such as 1-56305 Rge Rd 262.

In multi-lot subdivisions, the legal lot number and municipal address number likely will not be the same.

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