Renewable Energy

With a diverse array of opportunities spanning solar, wind, and hydrogen developments, Sturgeon County offers a fertile ground for sustainable investment. Explore our offerings and join us in driving growth in clean energy.

We are reshaping the narrative on natural resource utilization. Embracing a forward-looking approach, we champion the shift towards a low-carbon economy with a focus on hydrogen and other clean energy solutions. Boasting advanced infrastructure, a culture of innovation, and a talented workforce, we’re at the forefront of this transformative journey with our clean energy ecosystem

To date, Alberta has invested or committed more than $1.8 billion to support CCUS-related projects and programs. The Alberta Carbon Capture Incentive Program will continue to support and accelerate the development of new carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) infrastructure.

Join us as we pave the way for a sustainable future, balancing economic prosperity with environmental stewardship.

Supporting Clean Energy Value Chain

Energy Demand
population growth

In Alberta, Canada’s only deregulated electrical market, peak demand is expected to hit 12,436 MW by 2026 offering opportunities for investment.

Sustainable Production
Solar panels on roof of Protective Services headquarters

Sturgeon County is leading the way for sustainable energy. Our actions speak for themselves, with a solar array investment and environmental initiative that hits close to home. This project results in an estimated annual reduction of 64.5 tonnes of GHG emissions.

Regulatory Framework

In fall 2022, the Government of Alberta published the Industrial Heartland Designated Industrial Zone (IH-DIZ) framework. This regulatory framework will stimulate new investment and job creation while achieving environmental outcomes.

Facilities in the IH-DIZ will benefit from:

  • Consistent, coordinated regulatory approvals.
  • Shared access to infrastructure and resources.
  • Minimized cumulative environmental impacts through participative governance of the zone.
Hydrogen HUB

The Edmonton Region Hydrogen HUB offers renewable energy investors a gateway to tap into a thriving low-carbon hydrogen economy. By leveraging the HUB’s infrastructure and collaborative efforts, investors can position themselves at the forefront of Canada’s transition to clean energy, driving economic growth and innovation while securing long-term success in the renewable energy sector.

Cost Advantages
increase revenue

Companies in Alberta’s Industrial Heartland are among the world’s lowest cost producers in hydrogen due to low-cost natural gas feedstock and favourable geology for carbon storage.

Solar Power Production Incentive

The County’s Solar Power Production Incentive supports new construction and expansions of solar power projects in our portion of the Heartland. Projects could be eligible for municipal tax exemptions of 1% of eligible project capital costs.  

Get in touch to learn how to maximize the financial support available for your next investment project in Sturgeon County.

solar incentive

Success Story

Alpin Sun’s proposed Sol Aurora project is a 1200-acre, 200-megawatt solar farm in Sturgeon County’s portion of the Heartland. It will aid in the decarbonization efforts of heavy industry in the area, generate approximately 386,000 megawatt hours annually, result in 205,000 tonnes of annual carbon offsets and produce enough electricity to power approximately 54,000 homes.


solar energy
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Companies Choosing Sturgeon County

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