Farm Buildings

You do not need a permit for farm buildings, but you need to submit a farm building declaration.

Farm buildings house livestock or are used to store or maintain equipment, materials or produce.

A farm building must meet the following requirements:

  • Does not contain a residential occupancy.
  • Is located on land used as a farm with a land use district of agricultural land, and directly supports the primary farm operation.
  • Has a low occupant load.
  • Is not used or occupied by persons other than the farmer(s), their immediate family, and/or their employees.
  • The building is used for the following:
    • housing livestock
    • storing, sorting, grading or bulk packaging primary agricultural products
    • housing, storing or maintaining machinery associated with the operation of the farm on which it is located.

To qualify for this exemption, the building must be associated directly and only with the farm on which it is located.

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